You know what might be better than the Super Bowl?--the memes that are guaranteed the follow! This year with the wrecking defeat, the memes are on fire.

I mean, did they, though? I really don't think they had a chance, but this meme is GOLDEN. I'd like to say they were close, but this station doesn't like to lie....

Shots Fired. Come on, guys, they tried. At least they made it to the Super Bowl in the first place.

They were SHOOKETH. A for effort? This meme did not hold back. The sheer terror and helplessness that had to have been felt Sunday….

Ouch. Well, maybe this was one of those sacred learning lessons parents give their children. Better luck next tie, Chiefs!

Here comes the salty ref memes. They came fully stocked with those little yellow flags and were NOT afraid to use them.

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The internet stays undefeated, enough said.

But can we also just take a quick second and talk about the half-time performance? The Weekend was great, but oh boy, he opened up an entire can of memes. I mean, my timelines are FLOODED right now. I have to say; I'm sharing them all.

Me, as I text, snap, and tweet at the same tie. It never fails, where is that thing.

On a little side note…Where do I sign?

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