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Surprise. Spring is just a few weeks away and Blue Bell Creameries knows how to celebrate. They are rolling out a new flavor and bringing back a couple of classics for March. Chocolate lovers in Texas are quickly forgetting how cold it was last week and can't wait to get to the freezer section of the local grocery store because this bad boy hits the shelves TODAY.

Vanilla ice cream combined with chocolate cream-filled cookie crumbles, chocolate cone pieces dipped in dark chocolate, and chocolate fudge sauce swirled in. Time to buy some jumbo pants.

Blue Bell has kind of found a groove recently combining ice cream flavors with cone pieces inside. It's like taking an ice cream cone from an old ice cream parlor and smashing it all down into a gallon container. Ya know what? It means less mess. Have you ever found a place that serves king-size ice cream cones, only to have the cone fall apart before you are halfway finished? Not this time.

For me, I'm still kind of a classic ice cream guy myself. When the nieces and nephews want to run down the street back in the days of the ice cream truck touring the neighborhood (which hopefully returns soon), I'm usually the one reaching for the ice cream sandwich. A boring choice to some, but ya can't beat this timeless classic.

If my only choice was gallons of Blue Bell varieties I would be just fine with that as well.

Now, what about these bonus flavors returning for Spring? Check it out.

Blue Bell is also reintroducing 'Cotton Candy' and 'Orange Swirl' in pint-size containers for a limited time. So if you like your ice cream flavors to match your holidays, you are now all set for Easter. Enjoy and be sure to send us a message on the app if you found the new Cookies N Cream Cone in our local H-E-B or Walmart. We want to know who has it in stock by the time we head home.

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