Producer Eddie from the Bobby Bones Show is on Covid-19 test #5. That's right, he has had 4 positive tests for the coronavirus and is hoping the latest test will finally come back negative. Ever since he went to Florida at the beginning of July, he tested positive for coronavirus and has been getting back positive test results for weeks.

Since getting back from vacation during the beginning of July, Eddie has been quarantined at his house with his family. He hasn't been able to come in to the studio due to testing positive for coronavirus. He had a few symptoms; he lost his sense of smell, he had sinus issues, and he was really tired all the time. Despite all of his symptoms (mostly) being gone, Eddie has still been receiving positive test results for over 30 days.

His doctor gave him a note for him to give to his bosses, letting them know that Eddie is no longer able to pass the virus to others and is able to return to work. However, he is not allowed to return to the studio until he has a negative test or some rules are changed. While we are waiting on test #5 to come back, Eddie will keep rocking it in his home studio for a little bit longer.

Morgan Huelsman from the Bobby Bones Show contributed to this post.

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