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Our morning show guy Bobby Bones has a lot of credits behind his name. Radio host, Dancing with the Stars winner, American Idol mentor, and author. It's his writing that have earned him the title of "two-time New York Times best seller." But what is next for Bones when it comes to the literary world? Well, we now know according to BobbyBones.com!

Bobby took to Instagram to announce his newest book in the works called "Stanley The Dog and His First Day of School." Stanley, or course, is Bobby's bulldog named after the Stanley Hudson character from the tv show "The Office." In the book, Stanley the dog is the main character and the book is about how it's ok if you don't fit in at first and how all your differences make you great.


The book is written by Bobby and features illustrations by Stephanie Laberis. The pictures look amazing. Bobby said the book is done but they have not announced a release date yet. And yes, if you want to follow Stanley on Instagram, he has his own account below.


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