It's been five years since Cam put out her debut full-length studio album, Untamed. She's dropped a few songs here and there since then, and the singer says that her newest single, "Till There's Nothing Left," is the start of a much larger musical chapter, one she wishes she could share with fans right now.

"Oh, it's horrible [to wait]!" she exclaimed to The Boot in a recent interview. "I'm horrible at secrets, horrible at being patient ... But it does make things better when you can set them up and they each can have their own moment, you know?"

In the music video for "Till There's Nothing Left," Cam embraces a glittery, post-apocalyptic vibe that matches the song. However, she says that's only part of the full-length project to come, the themes of which are much broader.

"This album and Untamed both are very varied, because I try to have them all come from emotional places. I like to have different colors on the album," she relates. "You know, there's some people who make an album and they're like, 'Here's the sound, and there's 12 songs in this sound.' I don't really do that. I do, like, 12 songs that are very much rooted in what they're supposed to be rooted in, so the production comes from honoring the song. The vocals are meant to be the main thing, because you're supposed to be connecting to what I'm saying."

That emphasis on Cam's voice will be front and center on her new project, especially because she's at the top of her vocal game after years of practice on the road.

"The last five years, I've been touring so much internationally that my voice, I'm really happy with where it's at right now," the singer adds. "So it's really fun to tell stories with that kind of paint brush.

"So I'd say, if you're excited about ["Till There's Nothing Left,"] you're definitely gonna be excited about the rest of it, but there's just all different flavors," Cam goes on to say. "I've had this for a couple of years, basically, and I've had the time -- whether I wanted it or not -- to tweak everything to perfection."

Though it's been hard to keep the music to herself, Cam says the wait is almost over: "Luckily, it's all coming soon," she hints. "And I'm really excited."

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