Music festivals across the world are announcing lineups with summer right around the corner, including the Canadian River Music Festival here in the Panhandle.

If there is one thing I've missed the most about summer, it;s live music under the summer sun and clear summer nights. The CRMF just released this years lineup and now I can't wait until May 14th gets here.

1. City Will Shake @ 12:00PM
2. Shane Smith & The Saints @ 1:30PM
3. The Ballroom Theives @ 3:00PM
4. Bonnie Bishop @ 4:30PM
5. Charlie Robinson @ 6:00PM
6. The Mavericks @ 7:30PM

7. Randy Rogers Band @ 9:00PM

With the Randy Rogers Band headlining the show, you know it's going to be a good time. They will be performing 'Neon Blues from the bands new album "Nothing Shines Like Neon." Check it out below.

                                            Randy Rogers - 'Neon Blues'