We had many impressive pieces of art submitted by students from across our part of Texas for this year’s Congressional...

Posted by Mac Thornberry on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A student from Caprock High School will have his piece of art hang in the U.S. Capitol Building for the next year.

His name is Michael Alvarez, he will graduate from Caprock High School this year. Alvarez has a talent many of his peers don't have, he has something that even many "artists" lack.

He painted a beautiful portrait of his grandfather, Tito. This painting seen above was so outstanding that U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry of the 13th District of Texas went to his Facebook page and praised Alvarez for his "great deal of artistic talent!"

When I seen the piece of art I was in awe, I thought to myself there is no freakin' way a high school student did that. It looked like something Pablo Picasso would do, but not a student from my Alma Mater.

I can truly say I'm proud to have Mr. Alvarez represent us Longhorns in the future, he has an amazing talent.

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