Texas country hero Casey Donahew's "Kiss Me" is an infectious country melody that beats its way into your heart. The song's writers give a clinic on efficiency, proving great songs need not be complicated.

Lyrically this compact country rambler (think early Dierks Bentley) tells a love story without saying much at all. We fill in the blanks with what happens before and after this woman gives her orders. "There's a window open to steal my heart and I'm waitin' on you to kiss me," she says to close each chorus. With just a few words, Donahew injects unfamiliar urgent passion all over any radio station playing it.

Vocally and sonically the song stands apart from much of what we're used to hearing on Top 40 radio, although Donahew is still driving down country Main St. To many he's a newcomer with a defined style and sound. For others, he's a Texas workhorse primed for his big break.

Listen to Casey Donahew, "Kiss Me"

Casey Donahew, "Kiss Me" Lyrics:

Never seem to be alone and / Can't find a stepping stone and / This went better when I played it in my mind / And there's a silence in the air / Don't you know how much I care / Don't you know that you're the reason that I dream.

She said, I've been waitin' on you to kiss me / Waitin' on you to make your move / There's a window open to steal my heart / And I'm waitin' on you to kiss me.

It's all these little games and / I hope you feel the same / I've lived my life afraid to never to know the truth / She said Don't walk away, I need you to stay / If you want, you can wrap me in your arms.

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