First things first... do you know what CEFCO stands for? I didn't until I did some digging and found out is the short for Clarence Edison Fikes Company. Cool. Ok, now onto the money!

CEFCO is looking to bring back their jingle, but with a fresh sound and voice. Right now you can record yourself performing the jingle and submit it for a chance to be the new CEFCO voice and win $5,000. Just record your performance, upload it to Vimeo, YouTube, or Instagram, then submit your entry. Entries will be collected and narrowed down to the top 10, then the public will get to vote on the final winner.

While the CEFCO jingle may be pretty old school, fans have grown to love it. They encourage you to perform it your way, but follow with these key guidelines:

  • Use the provided lyrics
  • Use the original song structure and composition as a guideline
  • Add your own twist

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