Chris Janson says he was half-joking when he asked to be a part of "Hard Out Here for a Country Boy," the Cadillac Three's new song with Travis Tritt.

The group took him up on the offer anyway, and Janson's certainly not mad about it. In addition to being part of a pretty cool rock-country anthem, the "Done" singer shares that he's pumped to be teaming with a group of old friends and a longtime personal idol.

Talking to Taste of Country, Janson went out of his way to laud the group, which he shares a similar Nashville-era career growth curve with.  “I came up in this town with those guys, so they’re cut from the same cloth,” he says. “Their songs are awesome, and they’re just a badass rock band with a country flair.”

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Indeed, Janson released his first radio single on Sony Music Nashville in 2010, around the time TC3 was transitioning from rock band American Bang to the Cadillac Three. So when singer Jaren Johnston told him they were cutting Tritt's vocals for the Country Fuzz album (released Feb. 7) the 33-year-old Missouri native didn't mind cutting in. He ended up with a verse and harmonica solo during the recorded version.

Regarding Tritt, Janson has nothing but praise for the '90s hitmaker's voice and guitar playing. Both are, additionally, Grand Ole Opry members  "He's also a nice guy, and who doesn't love his music?"muses Janson. "It's pretty timeless. I grew up on him."

Janson is currently headlining the Real Friends Tour, named after the Real Friends album (2019). "Done" is the follow-up to the chart-topping "Good Vibes."

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