The Cadillac Three's fourth album is completed, and in an interview backstage before their set at WE Fest, the trio tell Taste of Country they're going back to their roots.

So, what exactly does the project sound like?

"It's awesome," Kelby Ray says, as his bandmates nod in agreement.

"We don't shy from talking ourselves up," frontman Jaren Johnston adds. "It's kind of back to where we started. It's heavier. It's extremely southern. Surprise, surprise."

The Cadillac Three released their third album, Legacy, last summer and received praise from countless publications (including Taste of Country). Johnston's memorable gravelly vocals are at the heart of every song—and when asked if he has trouble finding duet partners, he admits a Kip Moore collaboration was cut from the band's last album.

"I don't know if I'm difficult to sing with. We had Lori McKenna on the last record and she seems to sing fine. We actually did a duet, it was me and Kip Moore, that didn't make it on the last record. I sounded a lot better than him, and I think that's why he didn't want to do it," Johnston says with a laugh.

Longtime friends, Johnston and Moore seem to poke fun at each other every chance they get, whether it's taking multiple selfies together or impersonating each other's vocals. In fact, Moore shared his impression of TC3 singer Johnston backstage at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in New York last June, and it turns out the "Last Shot" singer is a talented mimic.

"I can do a little Jaren Johnston," Moore replied without hesitation when asked if he does any impersonations, then launched into "She stole my heart ... " in a hilarious likeness of Johnston's uniquely distinctive twang.

He's not too sure of the lyrics to "White Lightning," though, trailing off into unintelligible mumbling with a smile, before picking it up again to finish, "I saw white lightning."

Did You Know?: The Cadillac Three wrote every song, played every instrument and produced Legacy themselves.

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