If you are feeling the economic impact of sheltering in place and COVID-19, the City of Amarillo is ready to help you take care of your furry friends. The Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Department, along with Merrick Pet Care, is holding a Pet Food Drive-Thru Pantry every Tuesday and Thursday to provide free pet food. The program will take place in the parking lot of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare at 3501 South Osage.

To take part, you will not need to get out of your vehicle. The staff running the program are practicing social distancing measures for both them and you as your arrive. Free food is being made available for dogs and cats. Individuals will receive 1 bag of food per person.

“The Pet Food Drive-Thru Pantry would not have been possible without the generous support of Merrick Pet Care,” said AAMW Director Dr. Kati Wrubel. “Pet parents who are unable to afford food for their dog or cat can pick up a bag of high-quality Merrick food to ensure their pet continues to get the best nutrition possible.”


“At Merrick, we believe that everyone can and should make a difference,” said Tim Simonds, CEO of Merrick Pet Care. “Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking team in our factories and distribution center in Hereford, we are able to continue to give back during this challenging time.”

AAMW is asking that pets NOT be brought to this event. This program is intended for owners in need of assistance to feed their pets during this time.

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