Blood is something that will always be needed.   We are lucky that we have Coffee Memorial Blood Center in Amarillo.  They are always making sure our donors are well taken care of and making sure we have the blood supply we need in Amarillo.  They are currently offering a new antibody test to those who donate.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center has offered a free antibody test to those who donate, but now they have a new antibody test that will be able to identify different things.

The new antibody test will allow to the donors to learn more about their bodies' immune response.  They will know whether the antibodies come from the virus or if the antibodies come from the vaccine.

Offering this important knowledge to our donors is just one more way we are proud to positively impact public health,” said Dr. John Armitage, Coffee Memorial Blood Center president and CEO. “COVID will continue to be a major concern through 2022 and, in fact, over the next several years. We are committed to providing donors valuable information about their health from blood samples we routinely collect, including immune responsiveness to COVID and metabolic function from total cholesterol screenings. We are fortunate to offer these services through our own labs, without the need to outsource testing.”

According to CMBC, this new test will help provide information to the donor to help them with making health decisions.  This will help determine the risk of reinfection or transmission.  By knowing the donor's status, whether it be antibodies from the vaccine or from the virus itself, this could help with when to time getting boosters for the vaccine.

CMBC will be offering the new antibody test through January 31st. If you are able to donate the gift of life, you can make an appointment online at by calling 806-331-8833.

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