Cecily Aguilar previously admitted to helping dispose of Spc Vanessa Guillen's body, but now her defense attorneys want that confession thrown out.

According to a report from the Killeen Daily Herald, a lawyer for Cecily Aguilar has filed a motion to bar Aguilar's confession from trial, and alleges that the confession was obtained illegally.

 Aguilar is currently charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence and pleaded not guilty on July 14, 2020. Our partners at News 10 report that the motion is now scheduled to be heard by Federal Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Manske on April 27, almost a year after Vanessa Guillen's original disappearance.
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Vanessa Guillen went missing on April 22nd, 2020 and was last seen working on base in Fort Hood. For months our community, as well as the nation, searched for answers. Then on June 30, 2020, Vanessa's remains were discovered by contractors working along the Leon River near Belton.

Our hearts broke. We mourned with the friends and family of Vanessa, and we asked ourselves how and why something like this could happen.

Investigators believe that another member of the army killed Vanessa.

Spc. Aaron Robinson is accused of killing Guillen in an armory room on Fort Hood. Investigators say Robinson enlisted the help of Cecily Aguilar to dispose of Vanessa's body. Aguilar told police that Robinson planned to kill himself if the truth was uncovered. Just one day after Guillen's body was found, he shot and himself while authorities were approaching.

Louis Gainor, an attorney for Cecily Aguilar, states that her fourth amendment rights were violated and that she also was not mirandized prior to her interview.

My opinion: I think Aguilar knows the full role she played in Guillen's case, and I personally believe she should accept her punishment. Vanessa and her family deserve justice. Robinson took the easy way out, and now Aguilar's attempting to squirm her way out as well.

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