Craig Campbell turned to social media to share a gruesome photo after he got bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Or, at least, that’s what he thinks happened.

“I’ve seen 2 practitioners so far and the general consensus is a brown recluse bit me,” Campbell wrote on his Instagram page on Wednesday (June 3) alongside a quite painful-looking picture of his arm. “I’m going today to talk with a plastic surgeon to discuss next steps in case skin grafting is needed. In the words of my sister, brown recluse are straight from the pits of Hell!! By the way...I feel fine but my arm hurts super bad.”

Earlier this week, the “Family Man” hit maker headed to Instagram to see if any followers could help him figure out just what he was dealing with.

“Anyone of y’all ever been bit by an insect (spider, mosquito, etc) and it look like this,” Campbell wrote alongside a tad tamer-looking picture of his arm. “The first photo was from Sunday morning on the way to the minute clinic. Second photo was last night and last photo was taken this morning. It hurts like hell to the touch!! Somebody tell me what bit me.”

Campbell is not the only country star that has gotten bitten by a brown recluse. Back in 2017, Meghan Linsey went through quite an ordeal as a result of a brown recluse spider bite.

But knowing Campbell, this bite wont sideline him for long. Just last week, Campbell premiered his new release “All My Friends Drink Beer” with Taste of Country. Joining him on the fun track are country music artists including Michael RayRandy Houser, Granger SmithThompson Square and Jaren Johnston from the Cadillac Three.

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