Dave Barnes recently released his Carry On, San Vincente album, which has a noticeable country flair, so the singer-songwriter has taken it upon himself to pass on his expert knowledge about how to be a true cowboy.

Barnes posted a video on YouTube after the album release in full cowboy carb with a sidekick whom he is teaching the ins and outs of what he needs to know to be an authentic purveyor of the Wild West tradition.

The video is titled 'How to Lasso a Lady,' and Barnes opens up the video spouting cowboy cliches about sunsets with an overconfident attitude and a fitting Southern drawl. Step one? Compliment her "a'parents" — he means appearance. Step two? Share mutual interests, like rodeos and steaks. Steps three and four? Feats of strength and gift giving. Watch the video to see what Barnes qualifies as appropriate measures of strength and romantic gifts.

On top of his musical skill, Barnes' sense of humor is a large part of what makes him a beloved singer-songwriter both in the Nashville community and around the country. Though he is not historically a country artist, he has strong ties to the genre. He penned the song “God Gave Me You,” which was cut by Blake Shelton and earned him nominations for both a Grammy and CMA Award. He’s also written for artists like Tim McGraw, Hunter Hayes and Billy Currington.

Barnes recently released one of the new tracks from the album, "Glow like the Moon" as a debut exclusive with Taste of Country and talked about the sound of the new record.

“I think it’s the most easy listening album I’ve ever made,” he explains. “That’s really my hope with it, is that it’s something you can put on and let it run its course, and then you go, ‘Oh, I kinda want to hear that again.'”

Its Eagles-esque sound is no coincidence. He says he was inspired by a documentary about the band.

“When I was writing this record, it was kind of a tip of the hat to the ’70s Laurel Canyon scene, so I wanted to have a lot of imagery, because that’s something I’ve always loved about those songs,” Barnes says. “You hear the song and you kind of feel like you’re where they are.”

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