There's always a lot of lists that come out about tragic was people die.

Drunk drivers, murder, etc. are popular lists to release each year. However, there's a new list that I never would've thought about releasing...and it matters a lot to Texas.

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Outforia recently dropped a list compiling data from the last 20 years detailing how many people have died after being attacked an animal.

One would think that a place with mountainous areas like Colorado or Utah could be high on the list. The population of mountain lions and other quick moving animals run rampant there. However, neither of those states even cracked the top 10.

What did happen though was Texas popped up on the list at NUMBER ONE...and by a wide margin I might add.

We checked in with a stunning 520 deaths by animal...221 more than the 2nd state on the list, which was California.

I did some thinking and I realized that there are more wild animals that can be extremely dangerous in the state. I mean, snakes are definitely going to be high on the list of animals that can kill here.

One though that I realized we have a lot of here in Amarillo are deer. Sure, they can get angry and come at you but they're more likely to cause a death by darting across a road or highway unannounced.

And after reading that article, I did a little more poking around. Come to find out, you're most likely to have a fatal encounter with deer in the Fall. November, to be exact. November, as in next month.

It looks like deer become more active during the colder months to warm themselves up and search for food. We've got.plenty of mule deer and whitetail deer here in the Texas Panhandle. So if you're driving out of Amarillo, be alert and keep your peppers peeled for these dangerous little critters.

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