Training camp is officially upon us. We can all rest assured that football is near and fast approaching. We can also rest easy knowing Dez Bryant is still a Cowboy and still has a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

During what looked to be a 1-on-1 drill, Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon got into a scuffle.

After seeing the video, it definitely looks as though Bryant took exception to getting his helmet knocked off when the two were locked up. Patmon also threw the first punch.

Unfortunately for Dez, he just could not let it go after the initial scuffle. After the two are separated, Dez keeps going back for more. The fans eventually grew tired and start yelling at Dez to leave Patmon alone. Some even started booing.

Romo finally gets Dez to calm down and walks him back to the offensive group. Romo and Dez seem to thrive on mutual respect. It's a blossoming pairing of one of the best QB-WR duos of all time. It's just a shame Romo only has a few years left to play.

When Jerry Jones and Jason Garret were asked about it, they both admired the passion and intensity of the two. I completely agree with them.

I never want Dez to stop being Dez. The fire and passion he has is sometimes off-putting, but it ultimately makes him an incredible asset for the Dallas Cowboys.

And what most are not reporting is that after practice Dez and Patmon Hugged it out. Patmon equated it to two brothers getting into a fight.

As a Cowboy fan, you love to hear players referring to each other as family. Team chemistry is highly underrated in professional sports and when you can get in a fist fight and still be brothers that goes along way to develop team chemistry. Iron is not formed in a cool bath of water. Iron is formed in a hot foundry being shaped by another piece of iron.

By having a passionate and intense practice, Dez and Patmon will both make each other better. And one thing the Cowboys definitely need is a better secondary.

Not much else to report after day one, but stay tuned to 1340 The Fan to catch all the latest news and action from the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Training Camp Notes

Greg Hardy donated $300 to flying a banner over Eagles training camp after a rumor emerged that some Eagle fans planned to do the same to the Cowboys.

Jeremy Mincey has ended his holdout and is in camp. He has received a salary increase for 2015 and is still hopeful for an extension.

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