We have had our fair share of missing person cases here in Amarillo. Some we never get an answer to like the one that just had an anniversary of his disappearance, Johnny Lee Baker. Now I mention him because they were from the same small town and grew up together. So it's just kind of weird.

Now the story of David Lewis starts on Superbowl Sunday back in 1993. Anyone who follows football and is a Cowboys fan knows that Dallas was in the big game that Sunday. So you know David was looking forward to it. He even recorded the game.

youtube: Merc Docs
youtube: Merc Docs

His wife and daughter were out of town and when they came home David was nowhere to be found. The light and TV were still on from the game. He left his wedding ring and watch on the counter. His not being home was not suspicious at first. His wife just figured he went up to the office for a bit. Or maybe he was out celebrating a Dallas Cowboys victory.

The next day the missed appointments started wracking up, which was not like him. When police started asking around a friend said he saw him at the Amarillo airport. He didn't have any trips planned and he didn't have any luggage.

A day after being reported missing his truck was found outside of the Potter County Courts Building. Inside his truck were his house and car keys under the floor mat. Also in his truck were his driver's license, credit card, and checkbook.

Police also found airline tickets purchased in his name. One that would get him from Dallas to Amarillo and one from LA to Dallas. None of this made sense. Now it might be added that the LA to Dallas flight would have a layover in Amarillo but it still didn't make much sense.

Not much to this story did, though. Remember back in the day you didn't need to have a license to get on a flight or to purchase one. So we don't really know if it was David who got these tickets in the first place.

His wife did say that around this time he was getting death threats and he told her his life was in danger.

So now we just wait. There are no new leads. There were a few sightings but nothing that was ever confirmed. Fast forward to eleven years later the case brings us to Seattle. A Washington State Police Detective Patrick Dutter read an article that sparked some interest.

He started to use Google to search for missing Jane Doe's and John Doe's. He put in a lot of info and came up with a John Doe. One of the John Doe out of Washington looked a lot like a missing man out of Texas, David Glenn Lewis.

But how could that be? The problem was this missing man wasn't wearing glasses but David had a very recognizable pair. So was there any way it could be him? So Dutter did some more digging and found the evidence list. As luck would have it John Doe had a pair of glasses in his pocket when his body was recovered.

So this could be our man. After a DNA sample was compared to the John Doe we had a match. We located our missing man.

His death was even as bizarre as his disappearance. He was killed in a hit and run on a two-lane highway near Moxee, Washington which was close to the airport. He was killed the day after he went missing in 1993.

So to make this story even crazier he traveled around 1600 miles and his death happened less than thirty hours after he was supposed to be watching and cheering on his Dallas Cowboys in their Super Bowl victory.


His death was crazy too. According to witnesses, David was walking down the center of the road. It was night. It was pitch dark. There was a concerned motorist who was trying to warn other motorists. That warning came too late as David was already hit. They never found the person in the Chevy Camaro that hit him.

There was no evidence of what happened in David's body. No alcohol or drugs were discovered.

There is no reason as to why David was in this area. There are no answers that explains any of this. The family doesn't know if he was kidnapped or went to this area on his own. There just are no answers at all.

He didn't have his glasses on when he was hit though he needed them to see. He was wearing military fatigues and work boots. Why? His family is sure of the fact that he didn't own any.

This is just another Amarillo mystery that we may never know the answers to. We do know that he left Amarillo and died a day and a half later near the Yakima Airport. That is where the mystery continues.

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