Stuffing and hiding Easter eggs is one of those holiday traditions I absolutely loathe. It's tedious. It's time consuming. Good thing I can get someone else to do it for me, and it goes towards a pretty good cause.

This year, you can wake up Easter morning and the eggs will already be there thanks to Temple Baptist Church. Proceeds go towards the Temple Baptist Church Youth Camp.

There's a few options available. 40 eggs costs $20. 60 eggs for $30. 80 eggs for $40.

Temple Baptist Church
Temple Baptist Church

You don't have to spend it on your own yard. In fact, a person who is so inclined could spend a little money to have eggs put in someone else's yard.

What if we pulled our money together, all of us, and had hundreds of eggs hidden at City Hall? Hit my DM's and let's talk about it.

It would be a harmless way for us all to make the news. Imagine the fun kids would have while learning about our city government.

We need to act fast though. We need to place our orders and pay for them by April 1. That also goes for personal orders.

For more information, or to place your order, you can contact Misti at 806-930-3741, or Jessica at 806-773-4398.

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