Nikki Marie Holland, a mother living in the Oakdale neighborhood near Caprock needs the help of her neighbors to stop the insanity happening in her front yard.

I need to reach [out] regarding people throwing glass (beer) bottles at fences and trees in my area. I'm so sick of it, my kids cannot play in their own yard safely!"

I saw Nikki make this post on social media and I wondered to myself if someone had advised her to post on the Facebook page for the neighborhood.

Imagine my surprise when, after a little poking around, I found that Oakdale doesn't have a neighborhood Facebook page nor a Nextdoor group. Hopefully this can serve as her platform to have a voice until these are created.

Her plea is as follows:

If you live in the Oakdale elementary school neighborhood, please consider there are a lot of small children in this area, as well as stray or loose animals. The speed limit in most of this neighborhood is 25 or 30.   People need to slow down, take in their surroundings.

The mom also stated that she has seen many animals killed in the area due to reckless driving.  She has even picked up a deceased puppy who was ran over and returned it to the owners, who were devastated by the loss of their pet.

She goes on to also tell us that,

Broken glass is getting out of hand. Every weekend someone throws their (beer) bottles at my fence or tree or sidewalk. I have 3 small children who cannot safely play in their own yard. We also walk home from school and see broken glass along the whole route home. Please! Stop throwing your glass out of your cars!


She tells us that her yard is covered in glass, and even when she cleans it up, it gets covered in glass again.
The safety of our children is the utmost importance and when we speed in areas where children play we increase the chances of a tragedy.  If you drink beverages out of bottles in a neighborhood please have the courtesy to throw those bottles in the trash and not onto the ground or against fences.  It may seem cool at the time, but the aftermath could land a child in the ER getting stitches.
If you can help keep this neighborhood cleaned up and safe for the residents, and residents, help spread the word.
If you live in the Oakdale area and are Facebook savvy, it is easy to create a group for your neighborhood.  As a few of your friends to help moderate the page, and you can communicate with one another about things going on in your neighborhood.   Plus, you just might come together as a team and build a stronger neighborhood.  It's amazing what you can do as a group.

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