Having pets is a wonderful thing. They fill your life full of joy.  They give you unconditional love and if you happen to have a dog, then you know they are your best friend.

I lost my two dogs about two years ago and it's a void that cannot be filled.  We got our husky back in April, but unfortunately, he had health problems and passed away as well.   The were amazing animals and Bailey and Jasper always slept on the bed with me, but Ghostie, not so much.

I was reading a study this morning conducted by Canisius College  and it revealed that women sleep better when they have a dog by their side as opposed to a human.

Now I don't know about that, I like my personal space when I sleep.  Dogs tend to hog the bed.

Out of the 962 women studied, the research found that women who sleep with dogs have less interrupted sleep than when they sleep with their partner.

This is a very interesting study, but, I think I'm going to fall on the other side.  Although I loved my dogs very much, they hogged the bed.  I remember always having to fight for the covers and room when they slept on the bed with me.  Plus, I never could get a decent nights sleep.  They were very big dogs either.  I think between the two of them they equaled a large dog.

I'll be honest, when they got to the age of where they couldn't get on the bed anymore, I slept very well.  They did also cuddled up in their beds next to my bed.  However, I do miss the days of them cuddled up next to me.

Now with that said and before I get all melancholy about my fur babies.  I sleep better with Josh next to me.

I don't know, what do you think?  Do you sleep better with a dog or with a human?

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