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When it comes to carrying your wallet, it holds pretty much every aspect of your life.  You have your money in your wallet, you have pictures of your family in your wallet, and you have your credit, medical, and ID cards in your wallet.

However, if you are carrying this in your wallet remove it immediately.

Your social security card


The feds warn that if you keep this in your wallet you need to remove it and keep it in a safe place

That is the link to who you are and if you are carrying it around and your wallet is stolen, you have just given a thief access to your financial peace.

Scammers want nothing more than to get a hold of this number.  This number is your identity and is attached to you starting at birth and with you until you die.  If a scammer gets a hold of this number, it could destroy your life.  Your social security is attached to all your financials including your taxes, your medical, and your education, among other things.

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With this number, scammers can open up credit cards, take out loans, use your insurance, and mess with your taxes, among other things.  The IRS is one entity you don't want on your back.  It will be the beginning of a nightmare to reclaim your identity and credit.

How to protect your social security number:

  • DO NOT carry your card with you.
  • Be aware of who you are sharing your social security number with
  • Do not carry around documents displaying your social security number

The SSA says if you believe your social security number has been compromised you can request to Block Electronic Access by calling 1-800-772-1213.

Again, your best bet to keep your Social Security number safe is to memorize it and then keep your card in a safe place.

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