OK, well maybe that is not really true but if you haven't had a look at the new W4 you will have to fill out. Wow! Just wow! I mean I have been filling these out for decades. It was easy. Fill in 0 for no exemptions and more taxes to be taken out.

If you want a bigger paycheck and will have deductions such as kiddos....you can claim 1, 2, 3 etc. Really pretty simple. If you work a job that your hours change and in that case so does your pay....well I always aired on the side of caution. Had them take out more taxes. I would rather get a refund than have to write a big ol' check. That is just how I roll.

Then here it came. Because of tax situations that arose this past year in my life I have to PAY. What? I haven't had to ever! That stung. So I thought OK no big deal I will update my W4 and use 0 for exemptions at both jobs. I already had that at the bank. Nope here at radio station I used 1 as my exemption and that hurt. Gone are the days of just updating and putting zero. Nope it is not that cut and dry anymore.

You have to do some real math and not only that.....they want you to guess what you will make this year. Or what you may deduct. I don't know. I barely know what I want for dinner. Don't make this so hard. So I took my stuff to HR and they are a bit on the frustrated side too. I was told they blame the Milennials for making it so difficult. They were joking somewhat....but come on it has been the same as long as I have been working.

Why make it so difficult NOW. The system worked and was easy to understand. There is even a worksheet that you have to guestimate what you and your spouse will make. The higher breadwinner and compare to the lower income maker. It's just very deflating. My situation is I have to figure out having 2 jobs. It's not nice and caused me a nice little headache. Look at this mess:

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This is the mess you use if you are married and have a working spouse. You use it if you have more than one job. If this then that garbage. It's not cut and dry anymore.

Of course it's all a crap shoot. Who knows if it's still correct. You are still just guessing.It's not really fixing my problem and that is the frustration.

Check out the new form HERE.

I know a lot of us don't like change. Maybe it will get easier. As of now don't get a new job. LOL. You can keep the previous W4 until you can't. Meaning if you get a new job....guess what this will be your reality.

I bet I just cost myself an audit soon with all this complaining. Just great!



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