Dustin Lynch, one of country music's most eligible bachelors, might just be off the market. The singer's playing coy — but we think he's got a girlfriend.

During a recent visit to The Bobby Bones Show, Lynch mentioned in a story he was telling that he'd recently been on a date. Country radio DJ Bones and his co-hosts picked up on that tidbit and questioned the star further.

"You mentioned you were on a date," Bones says. "Anything you want to say about that?"

"Um ... Life is good," Lynch responds, a big smile on his face. "Yeah ..."

Bones says he'll accept Lynch's brief response, but his co-host wanted more details: She asks Lynch if he'd picked a horror movie for them to watch (because it was a date).

"She loves scary movies," Lynch agrees, but adds that they'd gone to a late dinner and didn't have many movie options by the time they were done.

Lynch never calls this mysterious woman his girlfriend, but it's clear they know each other at least somewhat well, which means they were either friends first or have been out on a few (or quite a few!) dates. For what it's worth, he walked the red carpet at the 2019 ACM Awards, which took place after his visit with Bones and company, solo.

In the past, Lynch has admitted that he was ready to meet someone special, but not one to rush into a relationship: "I'm not a person who needs someone to feel complete," he said in the summer of 2018 (quote via The Boot). "I like to be independent, and I'm in love with writing music and recording and trying to perfect my stage game.

"There's not a hole I need someone to fill," Lynch adds. "I know if I go looking for it, I'm not gonna find the right thing, so I'm gonna keep pedaling the bike down the path and we'll see if somebody jumps on."

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