Credit: Amarillo Crime Stoppers
Credit: Amarillo Crime Stoppers

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim” - Dwight from “The Office.” Which is completely correct. Millions of people are victims of identity theft every year.

In fact, over 60 million people were affected by identity theft just in 2018 alone. Identity theft has been the most common crime in America. But it does not have to happen to you.

Saturday, April, 13th from 10 am - 2 pm come join the Amarillo Crime Stoppers on their 12th annual “Shred It Day,” at Marketstreet United on 2530 S. Georgia. Bring up to 4 boxes or bags with any documents you care to get rid of.

The best part at the end of all the shredding, Amarillo crime stoppers will send all the paper to recycling instead of throwing it away. They will also have a donation station for anyone who would like to donate.

You could help conserve paper and while preventing your information from theft and off the black market.

Mark your calendars and plan to shred anything you need, while helping us save our trees. 2530 S. Georgia Street 10am-2pm. Don't be a victim of identity theft and let's help the community and the world together.

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