Dustin Lynch has announced that his song “I’d Be Jealous Too” will soon hit country airwaves. The country star's next single, the song is set to impact country radio on Oct. 23.

Sonically in the vein of Sam Hunt, "I'd Be Jealous Too" finds Lynch taking advantage of electronic backbeats and catchy melodies. The new track is about the kind of woman — his woman — who inspires jealousy.

“She’s a California red in a dive bar / Hourglass body like a guitar / That forever-wild smile appears / Like a glitterbomb in the atmosphere / Eyes locked on her like a movie,” Lynch sings in the chorus of "I'd Be Jealous Too." “Like they ain’t ever seen anyone in a pair of blue jeans / Can’t blame them if they want her like I do / I’d be jealous, too.”

“I’d Be Jealous Too” appears on Lynch’s newest album, Current Mood, released back in September. It’s an effort that the artist calls “risky.”

“It’s a collection of the last three years of my life — all the relationships, the travels,” Lynch told The Boot after the album was released. “It’s been a crazy three years, in a good way; it’s been fun. I don’t put a lot of my personal life, personal time, on social media, so this was my way of giving everybody a peek behind that curtain.”

Listen to Dustin Lynch's "I'd Be Jealous Too"

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