As they're preparing for the release of their new album, the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are giving The Boot's readers an advance listen to one of their brand-new songs, "Haunted." Press play below to hear it.

Natives of Los Angeles, Calif., the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers tell The Boot that "Haunted" is a cry for help in the wake of a broken relationship. Drummer and vocalist Will Wadsworth ended an engagement a few months before the wedding was to occur, and the song reflects the regret he felt for causing others pain, and his worries about if he'd ever be in a successful relationship.

"Ultimately, though, it’s about finding strength in the intangible -- something metaphysical," Wadsworth adds. "It’s about being propped up by something outside of me in spite of my resistance to it or fear of it. It’s about being grateful for that."

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers -- Wadsworth, guitarist and vocalist Jeremy Horton, vocalist Kim Garcia, bassist Kevin Collins and vocalist Andrea Chita -- wanted a sparse, minimalistic sound for "Haunted," and they hired a choir director to help arrange the song's harmonies. Wadsworth tells The Boot that the song "encapsulates the essence of our Southern gothic side and highlights what we believe in."

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' self-released new album, No Glory, is due out on July 14. It's the follow-up project to their 2015 debut record, Heavenly Fire, and was produced by Matt Wignall, who also produced the group's first project.

"This album is different in that we were more intentional about what 'colors' we felt would work together as a whole. It has a theme running through it, and it makes an overall claim," Wadsworth says. "If I had to sum up the theme of the album in a word, it would be 'defiance.' If I had to describe the claim that it makes, it would be that the world makes a lot of promises about what can fulfill a person, but peace comes from something that we can’t see."

Visit the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' official website for more information about No Glory, or pre-order the project via Indiegogo.

Listen to the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, "Haunted":

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