To quote the guy filming the video, “Don’t break the law fellas.”

But, if you do break the law, don’t run. It rarely ends well. My case in point: smartphone footage posted to Instagram by Fit Fam El Paso that shows the moment right after a guy crashed his car while running from the police.

In the video, you see the guy running from the cop on foot and then suddenly tensing up and going airborne in a fully prone position before doing a good old fashioned faceplant.

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I’m not sure why ol’ boy was running from the cops as the video doesn’t provide any context. But what I’m 100% sure of is that he was feeling the effects of that tasing for a while afterward.

It never ceases to amaze me just how effective tasers are. Hopefully, I’ll never find out for myself, but it’s almost as if it briefly paralyzes the person on the receiving end.  According to ABC News, that’s kind of how it works:

The impulse travels to muscles and causes short, sustained muscle contractions. The taser has two modes: the first, pulse mode, causes neuromuscular incapacitation as the neural signals that control muscles become uncoordinated, and muscles contract at random. The second mode, drive-stun, uses pain to get compliance.

Sounds pleasant, huh? Keep that in mind next time you get the notion to run from a crime scene. The taser itself is going to cause enough pain, never mind the dirt dive that’s liable to leave you aching for days to come.

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