If you're ever lucky enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons at Eric Church’s house, don't expect to catch the infamous cat and mouse show, 'Tom and Jerry.'

Church and his wife Katherine's 2-year-old son, Boone, is definitely a handful, or as the country singer explains, “he’s wide open.” And just like any toddler, he's also quite impressionable -- especially when it comes to what he sees on TV.

"Now we’re into Tom and Jerry. And I love Tom and Jerry, right?" Church says. "And what you don’t realize when you watch Tom and Jerry … with your 2-year-old and you see Tom take an axe and try to hit Jerry, and Jerry blow up Tom, you don’t understand, he doesn’t get it."

"So then all of the sudden, Boone’s pulling my hair, slapping me, hitting Katherine," the star adds. "And I’m trying to figure out (how) in one week I’ve lost control of this child.”

After tracing back their activities, Church and his wife realized something: Boone learned those behaviors from 'Tom and Jerry.' Wisely choosing to stay away from getting all of his hair pulled out, the 'Give Me Back My Hometown' singer admits, “We’re back to Berenstain Bears.”

It's safe to say that the cat and mouse are now 'the outsiders' in the Church household!

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