Everyone has heard Faith Hill's name at some point over the past couple decades. She's one of the highest-selling female country artists in history, having sold tens of millions of albums and earned multiple No. 1 hits, and she's won just about every major award in the business ... Oh, and did we mention that she acts, too?

Before scoring a record deal, Hill worked some odd jobs, including a stint at a popular fast food restaurant. After the singer started in the music business, she also dabbled in film, scoring her first role in 2004's The Stepford Wives, after missing out on an earlier part. While her popularity is practically unrivaled, there are still a lot of fun facts that even Hill's most loyal fans may not know about the Jackson, Miss., native, from her fairly normal childhood (though she did have some runs-ins with local prisoners!) to her ascent into country royalty.

Flip through the gallery below to get your fill of facts about Hill -- like what almost caused her to quit making music, why her first daughter was born early and what other famous female country singer she tried to join onstage when she first moved to Nashville!

This story was originally written by Hannahlee Allers, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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