Amarillo is a great city and we keep finding out more and more why it is a great city.  The other day, we found out Amarillo was one of the most fun cities in the country.  Now we find out that Amarillo is a great city of young professionals.

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It's great to hear positive things about our city and now young professionals can start a great career in Amarillo.  So what makes Amarillo a great city for young professionals? Smart Asset did a survey, and here's what they searched for in a city to make it perfect for young professionals.  They looked at 9 different things:

  • residents 25-34
  • Unemployment rate for young adults
  • labor force participation rate
  • median rent
  • number of fun establishments,
  • job diversity
  • median earnings for full-time
  • rent as percent of income

Here's what they found out about Amarillo:

5. Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo is the anti-San Francisco. There are not a ton of young professionals here, only 14.5% of the population are between the ages of 25-34. And rent costs are affordable. The median rent in Amarillo is under $800. That rent price is the second-lowest in our top 10.
Amarillo also scores well in job diversity. According to our data, Amarillo has the 22nd-most diverse job market in our study. That means if you don’t know what career path you want to be on, Amarillo may be a good spot for you.

If you just want a job, any job, Amarillo is a good place to look. This city has an unemployment rate of 3.45% for young adults, 12th-lowest in our study.

So Amarillo is a good place to start a career, and it's also a great place to raise a family once you have settled in your career.


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