I have seen many of employers here in Amarillo that are hurting for employees. This has been a problem for some time now. As business is picking up all over the place it is evident that something has got to give.

How Do Businesses Get Good Quality Employees?

Well first if you already have a good staff that is great. You must be doing something right. It's easier to keep the employees you have. The best way to do that? Make sure they feel valued. Make sure you give them a great environment to work in. Oh and if you can pay them what they need. That will help too.

It is cheaper for a business to keep the employees they have then it is to start from scratch. Having to put out ads on the hiring sites. Having to go through the interview process. After all that you then have to train them. That is if they show up to the interview and the first day of work.

I have seen that become a problem too. Job applicants will show up to the interview but after that maybe they decided it wasn't worth it.

Money Talks Here in Amarillo

There is more than money to a good job. The problem is if the pay is not enough to support yourself, to put food on the table then all the other benefits don't matter. The most important thing is making sure your employees make a livable income.

I saw that BSA was doing just that. I ran across this ad on their page:

credit: BSA Hospital
credit: BSA Hospital

This is great news. There will be people who still do not think this is enough. Remember this is the minimum wage there now. In a state where the actual minimum wage is still just $7.25. So more than doubling it is great.

So if you want to check out the current openings HERE is where you can start.

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