Buying a home is a big deal, and buying your very first home is a rite of passage.

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For most people owning a home is a dream.  Your home is your escape.  In your home, you can design it, paint it and remodel it however you want.  Owning your own home means you have a place for your furry friends without having to worry about deposits.

Your very own home means that you own a piece of real estate.

However, in today's world buying your first home is getting tough.  With rising interest rates and recent years causing the prices of homes to skyrocket, buying your first home seems almost impossible, but luckily Texas is full of places where buying your first home is a reasonable feat.  According to WalletHub, 26% of the homes purchased across the country were purchased by first-time home buyers, that's down 34% from the year before.

The best places in Texas for first-time home buyers.

We'll break down the top 5 cities into small, medium and large cities.

Small Cities

Denton, Texas - Google
  1. Denton
  2. Allen
  3. Richardson
  4. Carrollton
  5. Mesquite

Medium Cities

McKinney, Texas - Google
  1. McKinney
  2. Frisco
  3. Grand Prairie
  4. Plano
  5. Garland

Honorable Mentions: Laredo, Irving, Amarillo

Large Cities

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Austin, Texas - Getty Images
  1. Austin
  2. Fort Worth
  3. San Antonio
  4. El Paso
  5. Arlington

Honorable Mentions: Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston


How was it determined that these are the best cities in Texas for first-time home buyers?  The study done by WalletHub compared 300 cities (across the country, we narrowed it down to Texas) of varying sizes across 22 key indicators of market attractiveness, affordability, and quality of life. The data set ranges from cost of living to real-estate taxes to property-crime rate.

If you are a first-time home buyer in Texas get to house shopping in these cities.

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