Easter is right around the corner and let's face it, the kids are ready to dive face-first into some sweet candies and run around for the next 72-hours on a sugar high. Many people set up egg hunts, cook a little food, make some Easter baskets for the children and just hang out. The Easter spirit is all around, but some people around the world have a little extra dose of spirit and really let it go crazy during this holiday.

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Check out some of the most extreme Easter holidays below as we take a look at times when things have just gotten a bit out of hand. If your stomach can handle it(and teeth) scroll down to see a massive Easter treat that ANYONE can get their hands on.)

A Very EGGxtra Easter


Kid-Sized Chocolate Rabbit

Who wouldn't want a 3-foot chocolate-covered rabbit? My teeth may hurt just thinking about it but I guarantee that would not hold me back one bit. Morkes Chocolate is serving these up in their store. If you're not local you could hop online and order one of these bad boys straight from your phone or computer!

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