Inflation is a big deal right now and most American families are feeling the hurt.  Everything is more expensive.  EVERYTHING!

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Our grocery bills have doubled

and tripled.  Our utility costs have gone up and it feels as if it isn't going to stop.

Right now the one thing that used to be affordable to purchase when everything was going up was eggs, and now they are way off the budget.


Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Eggs, once around a dollar per carton, are now costing some people over $7 per carton.  The one-time cheap and easy meal is now a delicacy.  It's cheaper to buy live chickens and a coup.

How much longer before we see a drop in prices on staples?

At least we're seeing a reprieve in gas prices.  According to AAA Texas, gas prices in Texas are an average of $2.85 per gallon.  Which is down 4 cents from last week.  The national average saw a one-cent drop from last week.

“Weaker demand for fuel, along with slightly cheaper crude oil prices, are helping reverse the recent upward trend in what drivers are paying at the gas pump,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “Currently, Texas has the lowest gas price average of any U.S. state.”

Amarillo is paying an average of $2.87 per gallon, which is 2 cents higher than the Texas average, but we are down 5 cents from last week.   Right now we are only paying 5 cents more than we were a year ago.

Let's hope that gas prices continue to drop.  When the costs of living skyrocket people tend not to travel as much.

At least since we're not paying as much for gas, people might actually get to buy eggs now.

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