If it’s been a while since you wet a line and you’re thinking about getting back in the game but aren’t ready to get a license, Free Fishing Day is a great opportunity to test the waters (literally).

After many years, I recently got back into fishing. I was at Possum Kingdom with friends and family last Labor Day Weekend when I grabbed one of my friend’s poles he had sitting on the bank and felt a bite as soon as I picked it up. My instincts kicked in and I set the hook and reeled in a little dink of a channel cat.

Of course, I threw it back. But it didn’t take long before I caught a keeper…and then another keeper and then I was the one who was hooked.

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Shortly after we got back to Wichita Falls, I went all in and bought my wife and I each a trusty Zebco 33 and a bunch of tackle. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I went so many years (about 20) without wetting a line. Fishing is the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement – a great way to spend the day.

Texas is hoping to get more people into fishing with its annual Free Fishing Day. It happens on the first Saturday of June each year, which will fall on the 5th here in 2021.

On June 5, everyone will be able to fish recreationally without licenses or endorsements. Even if you already have a license, it’s a great opportunity to invite a friend along who doesn’t have one.

In case you weren’t aware, you can always fish without a license at any of Texas’ 70 state parks. Also, a fishing license isn’t required when fishing on private property as long as you own it or get permission from the owner.

Ready to get back to fishing? Go to takemefishing.org to find a spot near you.

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