There's nothing that makes me happier than finding a good deal on Craigslist. Somehow it's the gem that just keeps on giving. not gonna lie, I've picked up music gear and helped track down stolen gear at the same time. But today I figure I can help someone out.

Someone down in Claude just happens to have the bargain of the year... If you happen to be in need of rustic yard art... I got a deal for you! you're gonna need a truck... or two.. or a decent flat bed, but if you have the means, well you my friend might just be able to get your hands on some 55 Gallon drums, a few steel wheels and if you're lucky enough a used 15 foot circular cow trough.

screengrabbed from Craigslist
screen grabbed from Craigslist

Now how much may this set you back? well... not a dime!! its marked down to the nice price of $Free.99

Maybe you need Corrugated Steel? I got ya...

Corrugated Steel Sheets available on Craigslist
Corrugated Steel Sheets available on Craigslist

I'm not dogging this at all! The free section can be a goldmine, and honestly if you were able to pick through all this, you could easily take it a recycler and make a little cold hard cash.. and I don't think anyone would object to that at all!!

Or maybe, you just need more art in your life.

keep on keeping on Craigslist... I got ya...

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