Going to the zoo is fun, especially the Fort Worth Zoo, they have some amazing animals.  However, no one wants to be a witness to a tragedy at the zoo.  The best part of the zoo is a fence or glass between you and the animals.

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However, sometimes things happen at a zoo that shouldn't.  Things patrons aren't meant to witness, like the legs of a rabbit hanging out of a boa constrictor's mouth, and animals attacking humans.  One of which nearly happened at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Zookeepers Trapped with a Gorilla

Two zookeepers were working inside the Gorilla Enclosure and somehow one of the gorillas was still in the enclosure.  One of the zookeepers didn't realize this in time so that they could get to safety.

In the video, you see the gorilla, Elmo charging toward one of the women who jumps inside a door, but the other zoo keeper is across the enclosure holding a bucket.   Elmo the gorilla is unhappy that someone is in his enclosure, and is making himself known to the intruder.

Seven gorillas live at the Fort Worth Zoo.  Gracie, Winifred, and Amani are the four females, and Ramses, Gus, and Elmo are the males.  Baby Jameela was recently born in January.  She was pre-mature and born by C-section.

Luckily, Elmo decided that he didn't want to hurt the zookeeper and gave her room to get inside the door and out of the enclosure.

The strangest thing about the whole situation was that the zookeeper ran out of the enclosure, and to her surprise, the gorilla picked up the bucket almost as if to say, "Hey lady, you left your bucket."

The people recording the incident were praying for the zookeeper's safety. Fortunately, the situation didn't escalate any further, otherwise the video would have had a much more tragic ending.

Behind that door was probably a big sigh and maybe some tears of relief occurred, or maybe it was just another day at the zoo.   However, I'm sure someone got an earful later that day about double-checking the animals and the fact they entered the enclosure with the giant silverback gorilla back still inside.

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