It's hard to believe it's already this time of year. The Route 66 Bag Adventure is back, and it is an entire day of fun planned for the whole family on the historic Mother Road in Amarillo.

It's a way to celebrate the places and people along Route 66 in Yellow City.

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Route 66 Bag Adventure Is Coming Up In Early May... you need to make your plans now to be there. First, there's no "gate fee." There's going to be plenty to do without making your bank account sweat. Since it is the Bag Adventure, there will be adventure bags to purchase.

How Exactly Does The "Bag Adventure" Work?

It's a pretty simple concept. The bags will be available to purchase at one of several locations. They include:

  • Texas Route 66 Visitors Center
  • Alley Katz
  • Aunt EEK's
  • Sonya's
  • Texas Ivy
Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Once you have your bag, you go to participating locations. They will have a gift or a gift card to give you, and they'll stamp your "passport." The participating locations are "Travel Stops" and include:

  • Meme's D.O.C. Cafe
  • Handle Bar & Grill
  • Texas Ivy Antiques
  • The Muse
  • Pink'd
  • Sonya's Art Gallery
  • Aunt EEK's Books and Curiosities
  • Cornholio
  • Alley Katz Antique Mall
  • Evermore Antiques
  • Lile Art Gallery
  • The Nat
  • Amarillo Candle Company
  • Texas Route 66 Visitors Center

What Else Will There Be To Do At The Route 66 Bag Adventure?

It's not all passports and gifts, though that's an awfully nice perk for showing up. There's a lot planned.

Along with all of the shops and restaurants on Route 66, there will be vendors, snow cones, Carmel Corn, and of music. It wouldn't be a shindig on 66 without live music.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

More Events And Entertainment Added...

There will be a lot more than just that to enjoy. There's going to be a contest held by Cornholio. Silver Dollar Speedway will be having a sprint car contest.

Everyone's favorite local mascot, Ruckus, will be making an appearance that day on Route 66 from 12PM - 1PM.

There will also be the Classic Car Cruise.

Close-up of a classic car

Here's What You Need To Know

Here are the details you need to know before the big event on May 7:

Sixth Street Over The Years - WOW! What A Change!

Sixth Street in Amarillo looked incredibly different not too long ago. Have you forgotten what it looked like in 2007? Buckle up, the ride is incredible.

Look at How Amarillo's Old Route 66 Motels Looked Then & Now

The heyday of the Mother Road may be long gone, but would you believe that there's still plenty of the old motels where many a weary American family rested their heads during their interstate travels?

You won't believe some of these are still standing, much less still alive and (wait for it..) kickin'!

Look At All The Pretty Classic Cars

The Polk Street Cruise is a beloved annual event where classic cars of all make and models slink across Downtown Amarillo for a crowd of bystanders to admire. And like many other events across the globe, the Polk Street Cruise skipped 2020 amid Covid-19 restrictions.

But nothing would stop this year's event, not even cloudy skies and rain. Amarillo's renowned Polk Street Cruise was on August, 7, 2021 and had a tremendous turnout. Did we happen to see you there?

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