My household loves tea!  In the summer we always try to use new ingredients to make a favorite drink even better.  Here are a few ways that we change up our iced tea.

One of my household's favorite drinks is iced tea.  But sometimes is gets old.  We are always trying new ways to spruce it up.  Here are a few ways that we can add a little zest to an old favorite.

This is my son's favorite.  We get homemade lemonade and pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it.  Then we use the lemonade ice in our tea instead of regular ice.  As it melts, you get a wonderful, refreshing lemonade tea.  Delish!

Another great addition to tea is strawberries.  I will get some fresh strawberries and soak them in some lemonade.  After they have soaked for a while, I will put them in a blender with a little lemonade-not too much.  Once it is all blended, I will add it to the tea.  It is a different spin on good tea.

There is one more way that we change up our tea.  We use Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice.  It may sound a little weird, but just add some to your tea and you'll see why we drink it.  It is soooo good.

These are just a few ways we change up our favorite drink, iced tea.  Next time you are making sun tea, try one of these great ideas.

What are some ways that you spruce up your favorite drink?