Last year, West Texas A&M University made the first step toward getting a new football stadium by approving a bill that would call for a student vote.

The bill went through all the proper channels and came to a vote in spring of 2016. The bill passed and it seemed that the $19 million dollar project was ready to start and be completed by the 2018 fall semester.

News about the project being delayed started circulating last week. According to news sources, the new WTAMU president, Walter V. Wendler, has decided to take a closer look at the option of simply updating Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.

However, there has been no official statement from the university about a delay or halt in the plans to go forward with the on-campus stadium construction.

According to university estimates, it would cost between $16 million to $50 million to give Kimbrough a makeover. It would cost around $30 million to construct the proposed on-campus football stadium.

The previous WTAMU president, J. Patrick O'Brien's, showed a great deal of support for the on-campus football stadium.

When we know what the university's final plans are, we'll be sure to let you know.

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