A Facebook post shows dash cam footage of a male and female robbing a sport SUV at Cadillac Ranch in broad daylight.


The Facebook status has been removed, Either the privacy settings have changed or the post was removed. Please, when you're out and about this summer keep your vehicle and items secured. It's unfortunate there are people out like this.

Kyle Ray is asking for help in catching these criminals. In his Facebook post (below) he asks locals to see if the couple is recognizable. If you have any information about these thieves please contact the Amarillo PD.

For all my friends with connections in Amarillo (PLEASE REPOST)... These are friendly THIEVES who broke into our car while we were at the Cadillac Ranch. If you recognize this man, or woman, please PM me with any information. Notice the bright pink shoes on the man. Hard to miss! They stole a phone and purse (with a lot of stuff in it). Thanks!

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