Ok, I've heard some bizarre stories in my life.

And some of them are really stupid criminal ones.

This one has to take the cake though...or should I say beef?

These two have apparently been bouncing from convenience store to convenience store swiping beef jerky off the shelves.

Look, I love me some beef jerky too. I also know that it's not the cheapest thing in the world to buy, but it's not THAT expensive. In a convenience store? Yeah, the price is marked up a bit more and can cost ya nearly $10 a bag.

Now do the math. Let's just call it $10 per bag. These two have allegedly stole over $1000 worth of the tasty treat. That's over 100 bags of beef jerky walking out of the stores unpaid for.

What on earth are you going to do with over 100 bags of beef jerky? Is there some kind of crazy resale market that I'm not aware of? Are they getting $15-20 per bag out of the trunk of a car? It just seems like such a silly thing to steal.

Alas, these two don't seem to think it is. Now, I'm not one to pass judgment. Maybe they need food and can't afford it. Jerky is high in protein and will nourish them for sure. However, it doesn't change the fact that it's illegal to steal. After swiping over $1000 worth of it, they were bound to be figured out.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers is on the hunt for these two, and needs your help. If you have any leads on these two, the information could be worth up to $1000 to you. You can reach out to them at (806) 374-4400, or as always you can submit an anonymous tip at amapolice.org.

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