When a new business opens in the Texas Panhandle, we all cheer, support it, and hope it will be successful.

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That's what happened with Herd Wear Store.   The store set up shop in Goodnight and sells amazing products.  It's been a place where those traveling stop as a part of their traveling routine.

It has become a staple on Highway 287.

Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity
Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity

When we saw the property up for sale, we were heartbroken.  Why would they be closing the store?

Luckily we were able to talk with the man himself, Cecil Miskin.  Cecil and his family moved up to the Texas Panhandle from the DFW area 12 years ago and opened Herd Wear, and in those 12 years Herd Wear was an amazing success and other businesses sprouted from this business.

Why are you closing the store on 287?

I am "retiring" from being a year-round shopkeeper. We already have a solid online presence (HerdWear.net) as does my Son and Daughter-in-law with the Buffalo Wool Company (TheBuffaloWoolCompany.com). Those will both continue and be migrated into one site by the middle of 2024 if all goes well. The store - the property and improvements are up for sale. If someone wanted to continue some or all of what I have been doing that could be discussed, but the store is so specialized it didn't seem to make sense to try and sell it as a going business. However, one never knows.

I will still be doing more innovative "stuff" on line as I find neat and related things to offer. Most all of the actual manufacturing of our products - socks predominantly but also gloves, hats, beanies ... pet beds, comforters, pillows, base layer shirts, felt boot liners .... and more out of bison fiber. That is our thing.

Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity
Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity

What is the future of the property?

The State of Texas Historical Commission has a Goodnight House is indicated that they're interested. But there's no commitment. And, another one of my neighbors really wants to get some kind of food establishment going.

However as of this point, nothing is set and stone, and the property is for sale.  Something cool about the property is that there are three bison that currently call that area home and have for a very long time.

Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity
Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity

What will become of the bison that currently graze and live on the property?

The three older bison cows actually belong to the Armstrong County Museum.  I've turned over the management of those critters to the museum, David Magara, the chairman and chairman of the board, and my neighbor David is taking care of them. They're still in the property, they're still roaming.  Up until as you know, up until this last,  six to eight weeks, we haven't had any rain or grass. They are having a ball right now wandering around just going on, let me try this salad.


When is the final day for the Herd Wear Store?

We would like to have it closed by the end of the year. If it doesn't sell by the end of the year. We may close it anyway.

The business will still remain intact and online, so all the Herd Wear products will still be available for purchase.  Cecil will also be keeping the phone number the same in case people have questions or they want to purchase something over the phone.  The business isn't going away, just the store here in the Texas Panhandle.

Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity
Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity

The Miskins have a home near Weatherford, Texas, that's where they are from, so they are going back home, but that doesn't mean they won't frequent the Texas Panhandle.

We're not going to give up the Panhandle, there's just too many friends and still too much fun here. With our hunting, bird goose and crane hunting here and some of my shotgun buddies, we are still going to come up and smell the powder and all that.

Congratulations on your retirement, and you will be truly missed.  Thank you for making such an impact on the Texas Panhandle.

Herd Wear Retail Store Property and Land is On the Market

The land and building that is home to Herd Wear Retail located at 2000 US-287 Goodnight, Texas 79226 is currently on the market. The property was built in 2012.

This 7-room, 3,125 sq ft barndominium is currently a retail store, that has one bath/utility room and office. Plus, 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, and a great room that includes a bedroom, living, dining, and kitchen. Sunroom with hot tub and more

The property sits on over 14 acres. The asking price is $725,000 and is currently listed by Twila Baldwin/Coldwell Banker First Equity

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