Thursday, May 3rd was an epic day for the Children's Miracle Network.

Our stations, Mix 94.1, 96.9 Kiss FM, Lonestar 98.7, 101.9 the Bull and Newstalk 940 along with KAMR Local 4, asked your to open up your hearts and open up your wallets to help out the Children's Miracle Network.

You came through in a big way.  Due to your unbelievable kindness, CMN is now able to put NICView Cameras in the NICU.  Carly gets to go home because you were able to help raise over $7000 for a piece of a equipment that will allow her to go home and get out of the hospital.   You bought rounds of chemo for a child with cancer, and amazing items for our Child Life Specialists.

This is what your kindness did for the Chilrden's Miracle Network.


TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

This money will go a long way to help and benefit the children of Amarillo. Thank you Amarillo for making miracles happen for the Children's Miracle Network.

Remember none of these parents ever thought their child would get sick or injured, but they did and CMN was and is there for them.

If you ever find your child and your family in this situation, know that the Children's Miracle Network will be there for you!


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