For most of us having a baby is a precious thing, bringing a new baby into this world is an amazing thing. However, for some families, their babies come into the world way too soon.

These babies find a home in the NICU for weeks and months. Many moms have to leave their tiny babies, they are not able to take them home.  For a mom, not being able to be near their babies or have their babies at home with them rips out their hearts.


What if there was a way to make that separation easier for a mom or even for a dad. Yes, they have to leave their babies, but, what if there were a way for them to check on their little one from home, from work, from across the country?


Guess what? There is a way.

The Children's Miracle Network has in the past provided the funds to help purchase camera for the NICU at Northwest Texas Hospital.

These cameras are tiny little miracles for a family who has to leave their little one in the hospital. Some of our NICU families live in our outside cities and aren't able to be with their baby daily or nightly. If mom is at the hospital, dad may not be able to be because he has to continue to work and take care of the rest of the family. Mom may have to go back to work and might be unable to be with her little one at every visitation time.

This small wonder helps these families keep and eye on their baby who just came too soon.

Check out these amazing cameras.

Once again, the NICU only has so many cameras, so not every family is blessed to have one for their NICU baby.  That's why we are shopping for more.

Help us make this wish come true.


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