Graduation is a big deal.  It means you have hit a milestone in your life and you are moving into adulthood.  The next milestone is your 10-year reunion, 20-year, 30-year, etc.

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When it comes to class reunions do you get excited to attend?

The 10-year reunion is usually the reunion most people attend because you want to see where your classmates are in life.  Did the football quarterback marry the prom queen?  Did the most likely succeed, succeed?  Is the biggest nerd in class, and the cutest at the reunion.  Did the wallflowers blossom?  Are there any successful movie stars, singers, etc in the group?

Then another 10 years pass, and it's time for the 20-year reunion.  Do you go or do you not go?  This is the reunion where you talk about your kids and their accomplishments, what marriage you are on, and how many divorces.  You do start talking about the classmates you've lost

The 30-year is all about the grandkids, talking about how successful your career has been, and when you're thinking about retiring.   You reminisce about even more classmates that have passed.

The cycle goes on.

Are Class Reunions that important anymore?

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I went to my 10-year-reunion.  I was so disappointed when half the people I wanted to see, didn't make the trip back to our small town.   I did not go to my 20-year-reunion (yes, I'm that old).  I probably won't go to my 30-year reunion.  I still keep in touch with my close friends from high school.  Do I really need to see my high school crush? Even if I did would they even show up?

I know most class reunions are meant for reminiscing and having an excuse to party as you did in High School.  However, are more people opting not to attend reunions these days.

Has social media made the class reunion obsolete?

Since the inception of social media, I have been able to keep up with many of my classmates.  Marriages, new babies, grandbabies, losses, successes.  I love that about social media.  For me, that's the way I want to keep up with people from high school.

It seems more and more these days classes are combining their class reunions and celebrating together instead of celebrating individually.

Class Reunions are definitely still happening, you can search through Facebook and see all the reunions happening scheduled, and those that are in the planning stages for next year.

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