It's not too often that you see crews moving a high voltage power line. But starting next week, that is exactly what Xcel Energy plans to do through parts of Amarillo. Right now, the line runs through the Comanche Trail and Arrowhead municipal golf courses on the southeast side of the city. The lines predate the golf courses and their expansions over the years.

The 115 kilo-volt high voltage line is supported by large wooden structures, one of which was damaged during storms last June. The line has been de-energized while Xcel has been working on a plans to relocate 1.2 miles of the line to the western edge of the golf courses. Many large power lines move through Amarillo on wooden H structures, which are being slowly replaced in some parts of the city.

Xcel says that work to remove the existing line from the golf courses and move it to the west of the current location will not affect customers in that area. The older wooden structures will be replaced with steel monopoles which are more rigid and reliable. Not only will the move get the lines away from the occupied golf courses, but it will also help to improve the reliability and capacity of the power grid in southeast Amarillo.


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