After 20 years and over 1.5 million dollars raised, the Homer's Foundation "Homer's Backyard Ball" is saying goodbye. In a press release issues on Facebook, the organizers said that the event will not be returning for 2018.


Homer’s Backyard Ball was a gathering place for friends and family from across the country and it helped showcase the talents of many aspiring musicians, along with top touring acts. There were hundreds of volunteers and sponsors that gave of their time and money to help put on the event. The music was an obvious draw but what really made it popular was the opportunity to help the kids.

As an outdoor music festival, it became harder to rely on good weather to ensure a profitable turnout. As a non-profit organization the Homer’s Foundation used the income from the event to support its mission of supporting local children’s charities. With the uncertainty of good weather, it became too risky to continue the event.

“We are so grateful to the countless volunteers and sponsors for their support over the last twenty years,” said Travis Homer, founder of the Homer’s Foundation. “We are proud of the difference we made in the lives of so many kids and that made it all worth it.”

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